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Celebrate Ability

Celebrate Ability seeks ways to help individuals with autism and families who have children with autism and related developmental disabilities. We believe that every person has the potential to live a better life in their own homes. More than this, we want them to function as part of their families and as a contributing member of their own communities. This is what our team  focuses on with each day in their professional practice at Celebrate Ability. We hope to give you the assistance you need. Tell us how we can help!

Using strategically designed therapeutic programs and developmental disability interventions, we address the critical needs of our clients. We also know autism not only affects the individual but also their families and loved ones. Because of this, we provide a wide variety of services that target the needs of not only the individual, but their entire support network as well.

Our specialists at Celebrate Ability create treatment plans that address various areas of need. This includes behavioral, educational, social, emotional and physical aspects associated with autism.

We work with parents and children to identify unique needs and accordingly provide care that is most appropriate for the client. Celebrate Ability serves families in Maryland. We are proud to offer in home services and on site services to families in Montgomery and Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Our three camp locations:

  • Rockville, Maryland
  • Potomac, Maryland
  • Hyattsville, Maryland

Do you live close to any of our camps? Would you like to take a look at our facilities? We will also be happy to address any of your questions during your visit. Set a schedule for a consultation now. Send a message to to get started.

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Operated by a team of professionals and providing a wide range of autism care services.

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