Adult Life Planning

For our clients who are 16 years old or older, Adult Life Planning is a service catered towards helping our families and clients understand what life after school and the Autism Waiver can be like. We advise our clients and their families on the skills and services that they will need after they exit the school system at 21 years old.

Using the client’s “Circle of Support,” an Adult Life Planner (ALP) will collect information about the client’s strengths and needs with regards to self-advocacy, travel, vocational, social and soft skills in order to create a person-centered plan that will help the individual achieve independence in the areas that are most fundamental to success in adulthood. As the client works towards developing these skills, the ALP provider will advise the family and client on how to access the most appropriate local and state agencies which can provide the wrap-around support the individual will need to become a successful adult.